Videos and Links

Senate Bill 372 – Level of Need (LON) Assessment (2020)* legislative session canceled due to Covid-19

Senate Bill 393 – Level of Need (LON) Assessment (2019)* bill passed in the Senate, not called in the House

Senate Bill 463 – Task Force (2018) * Dec. 4, 2019 meeting: Begin Watching at 1:56 (Dr. Lynn McMunn followed by two DDS parents testifying)

January 29, 2020 meeting: What Do Providers Have To Say? Listen Here

Senate Bill 246 – Residential Waiting List Census (2017) *see link to first reporting of data in sidebar

Senate Bill 294 – Information on the Regional Advisory Councils (RAC) (2016)

Senate Bill 246 Passes In The House (begin viewing at 6:32:50)

Senate Bill 246 Passes In The Senate (begin viewing at 3:03:15)

Member Opinion Piece in the Hartford Courant “Expand Americans With Disabilities Act”

Member Interview on WFSB – Private Non-Profit Providers Give Quality Care

Senate Bill 294 Is Passed In The Senate (begin viewing at 19:10)

WFSB Interviews Families First Members at the Legislative Office Building

Member Interview with Senator Osten on Coffee with Cathy

Member Interview with Tony Terzi

Member Interview with Senator Osten on Town Talk

CT-N coverage of October 1 Press Conference

Member Interview on NBC

WFSB Coverage of Governor Malloy’s Meeting With Both The Democratic and Republican Leadership To Discuss Budget and Recent Rescissions